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The City of Jurupa Valley was incorporated on July 1, by a group of passionate community volunteers. The primary reason for incorporation was the strong desire for enhanced police services and local control over planning and zoning issues. Portions of the Santa Ana River traverse the southern portion of the City. Jurupa Valley is rich in history dating back hundreds of years.

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This granite mortar stone was found south of Moreno Valley. The mortar was created by pounding seeds and other food materials with a hard stone pestle. The depth of these holes indicates quite a length of time that this same boulder was used by Native Americans for processing foods.

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Moreno Valley Historical Society. This boulder is located in the hills ading Moreno Valley. It is an interesting example of what archaeologists call a pit-and-groove style petroglyph which is an image carved in stone as opposed to a pictograph which is painted.

Rock art is further evidence that Native Americans lived in the Moreno Valley area. From here, water traversed through the Badlands a distance of 2, feet then on to reservoirs in Moreno Valley. This is the completed exit of the Moreno Tunnel.

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When water first began to flow into the pipeline leading to Moreno in May,it was a celebrated event and was the catalyst that brought many investors to the area to establish farms and grow citrus and other fruits on a large scale. However, there were more dry years than wet years and hard times came upon the water company as the water stopped flowing into Moreno. Inthe personal property of the fruit company was sold at auction in Moreno. This photograph was taken aboutwhen dry farming was becoming popular around the town of Moreno. It demonstrates the tediousness of baling hay before the influx of modern baling machinery.

Courtesy Viola Hamner. By now, the trees are mature enough to produce a good crop of oranges. His chief market at this time was Redlands Foothill Groves, some distance away. Courtesy David Lantz. Hay was also delivered directly to nearby towns like Perris and Riverside. Notice the two burros in the foreground who have no doubt detected the scent of hay. Courtesy Winifred Banta. Snow comes infrequently but this rare Sunnymead photograph shows that when snow does come, measures must be taken to protect the citrus crops.

For years, smudge pots like these that burn oil were used to raise temperatures in the citrus groves; later large fans were installed to circulate cold air and deter freezing. Many people in the city today still remember the smell of orange blossoms every year.

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Courtesy Ruby Lynn. It was complete with a cupola and veranda fronting east on Kitching Street. The school burned down in This is the Armada Post Office about Pictured from left are to right are: Mrs. Starbuck, Postmaster Starbuck and their daughter, Miss Starbuck. However, postal authorities later named it Armada as they believed the surrounding mountains looked like a fleet of ships.

The post office was discontinued in Courtesy Jim Maxwell. The second Midland School was built in and consisted of two rooms; one was a classroom and the other was reserved for church and community meetings. Note this school picture where students are ages 5 to Thomas and Frances Edwards built this two-room house when they moved to Moreno in The house was later enlarged by moving in a building from the nearby Pisgah Sanitarium.

Walter Edwards, their oldest son, is pictured standing beside his car. Courtesy Mary Wheat. Built on the site of the original Moreno School, this is the second Moreno School built in Each room had a pot belly stove and coal was stored in the school basement. The cupola is in the possession of the Moreno Valley Historical Society. Camp Haan is at the center and Alessandro Flying Field is in the rear at upper left.

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March, Jr. Midland school used some of the buildings. Others were used for houses, apartments or other facilities. Some Camp Haan buildings are still in use in Moreno Valley.

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Byto accommodate the rising of students and because the social life of the valley tended to revolve around the school, two wings were added to the Midland School building. Surplus barracks, a Red Cross building and mess hall enlarged the school when Camp Haan closed. The school was condemned in and was later torn down. The new City of Moreno Valley bought the school property on Alessandro Boulevard and built a library on the grounds. The house is still standing today. The government moved and delivered it.

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Many residences during this time were developed in this manner. Only a few remain standing today. Courtesy Alice Bradley. Melons were popular with the locals and passersby as well. Hugh Bradley and his wife, Gertie, are standing at center with an unidentified couple at right and unidentified customer at left. Owned and operated by the Crockers and the Osteens, there were a of rentals in the rear and a small hotel above the market, the only hotel in town. Eventually, the market was torn down and a new one with the same name was built on the SW corner of Alessandro Boulevard and Highway Built inthe Alamo Market was the first supermarket in Sunnymead.

It was owned by Bill Crocker and Fred Chappell. Bill also owned the original Alamo Market in Edgemont. Of note is the siren atop the building which was used to call volunteer firefighters whenever a fire was reported. A group of 4-H contenders show their projects at the Sunnymead Fair in Jim Maxwell is pictured fifth from the left. The start of a motorcycle race at a track located at the base of Box Springs Mountain just north of the future Riverside International Raceway.

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The oval racecourse lay along the base of the mountain. Motorcycle races were very popular here in and may have led the way to nearby auto racing. Courtesy C. A motorcycle race is in session at the dirt racetrack at the southern end of Box Springs Mountain. The track was an oval but it incorporated a of curves, as viewed here. This configuration made it popular.

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Note the tractor at far right which was used for dragging and preparing the ground between races. The Riverside International Raceway in Edgemont is bordered on the bottom west by Day Street, on the left north by Highway 60, on the top east by Frederick Street and on the right south by Cottonwood Avenue. Popular Turn 9, the last turn leading to the finish line, is shown at right.

Film legend Paul Newman carries an ice chest of cold drinks to his crew members at a pit garage during one of his races at Riverside Raceway in Edgemont. Newman became interested in auto racing while filming Winning in Newman loved racing so much that he spent his 80th birthday racing around Daytona. Courtesy Tim Benson. A Mopro Website.

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