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August 4, Detectives in the cities of Plano, Allen, and McKinney had been investigating a series of similar robberies starting in Mayand believed the robber was driving a silver Camry with no front plate.

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Immediately after this Subway robbery, officers located the suspect vehicle in McKinney being driven by Tiller. Officers initiated a traffic stop and instructed Tiller to remove his keys and place them on the hood of the car. Instead, Tiller sped off at a high speed.

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During the pursuit by McKinney Police Department officers, Tiller ran numerous stop s, a stop light, and drove on grass in between apartment buildings. Tiller then attempted to flee on foot but was shortly apprehended by McKinney officer Eric Fromhold.

During the punishment phase of trial, prosecutors presented evidence of 12 robberies Tiller committed at gunpoint in the months preceding his arrest, including two where he struck the victims in the head with a gun.

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The evidence included testimony from multiple victims, surveillance video footage, and cell phone location data that placed Tiller at the scene of every robbery. Because of this prior history, the range of punishment for this offense was 25 years to 99 years or life in prison and the jury assessed a sentence of 55 years.

Judge Jennifer Edgeworth presided over the case. July 15, Trooper Diaz attempted to initiate a traffic stop but Mangiafico continued driving, swerving in and out of traffic, and varying his speed between 60 and mph.

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After a pursuit that lasted more than 10 miles, Mangiafico crashed his vehicle into a barrier wall at Renner Rd. Per Arp, the typical amount for a user is grams. The lab report showed that Mangiafico had 2, grams of GHB. Prosecutors also proved up currently pending prosecutions of Mangiafico for money laundering and fraudulently selling securities. Judge John Roach Jr. July 13, Talabera had ongoing access to the child.

He sexually abused the victim over the course of eight years until the child was 12 years old. Talabera told the child to keep the abuse a secret. Judge Rayburn Nall presided over the case. The Court assessed punishment at 50 years in prison. By law, a sentence for Continuous Sexual Abuse of is without eligibility for parole.

July 7, McKinney, Texas — District Attorney Greg Willis announced that Michael Vega32, of McKinney, Texas, was sentenced to 60 years in prison after the jury found him guilty of two intent-to-deliver drug charges and also learned of his history of violence and unlawful possession of firearms. The return information from dispatch revealed that Vega had warrants out for his arrest. Officers pulled over the vehicle and detained Vega. Officers recovered a large amount of methamphetamine and heroin during the traffic stop. Prosecutors also presented evidence of two additional first degree Possession with Intent to Deliver charges that Vega committed while on bond.

The jury also heard telephone recordings of Vega bragging about hurting animals, including shooting a dog twice in front of a friend.

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The jury assessed punishment at 60 years in prison. Judge Tom Nowak presided over the trial.

July 2, McKinney, Texas — District Attorney Greg Willis announced that Laxavier Whittley18, of Carrollton, Texas, was sentenced to 55 years for aggravated sexual assault after a jury found him guilty. Whittley then violently sexually assaulted the victim for over an hour.

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After that, he demanded money, jewelry, and firearms before he fled. The victim called and went to Presbyterian Plano hospital in order to undergo a sexual assault nurse examination to collect forensic evidence. Detective Catherine Foreman with Plano Police Department led the investigation, which included neighborhood interviews, a review of multiple surveillance videos, and an interview with a manager of an adjacent apartment complex.

Investigators identified an apartment of interest where a search warrant was executed.

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During the punishment phase of trial, prosecutors presented three additional aggravated robberies that Whittley committed in the three days preceding the sexual assault. Prosecutors also presented a long school disciplinary history as well as dozens of jail disciplinary violations while Whittley awaited trial.

The range of punishment for this offense was 5 to 99 years or life in prison and the jury assessed a sentence of 55 years. Judge Cynthia Wheless presided over the case. June 17, Hernandez started sexually abusing two children, one at six years old and another at 15 years old. He had access to the children through a relationship with the family. The abuse continued with the six-year-old child for several years until the older child, who by then was an adult, disclosed the abuse to their mother.

Their mother then asked the younger child if anything had ever happened. The jury found Hernandez guilty of Continuous Sexual Abuse of and assessed punishment at 47 years in prison. May 26, He sexually abused the child over the course of 12 years, from age 4 to age Over the years, Aguilar repeatedly told the child to keep the abuse a secret. When the child was 16 years old, the child told a friend and the abuse was reported to the Wylie Police Department.

During an interview, Aguilar confessed to abusing the child. The sentences will run concurrently.

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May 25, Andrews repeatedly punched her and also strangled her several times. The assault lasted over 3 hours and the victim suffered visible injuries as well as fractured ribs. Officer Laine Strickland with the Allen Police Department interviewed the victim and filed the initial report. These prior convictions included a prison sentence that made his punishment range years or life in prison for the strangulation case and years in prison for the family violence charge.

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Judge Jennifer Edgeworth assessed punishment at life in prison and 20 years in prison, respectively. May 24, He started sexually abusing the child at age 5.

Dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking: what you should know

The next year, the child disclosed the abuse to a family friend who was in town for the weekend. The family friend then reported the abuse to law enforcement. The jury found Amoles guilty of Continuous Sexual Abuse of and assessed punishment at 50 years in prison. Judge Richard Davis presided over the jury trial.

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May 20, Johnson44, of Dallas, Texas, was sentenced to 40 years in prison after the jury found him guilty of Aggravated Robbery. On October 12,Johnson walked into an independent pharmacy in Plano, Texas, and asked for a prescription. When the pharmacist was distracted, Johnson pulled out a screwdriver, grabbed the pharmacist by the hair, put the screwdriver to her neck, and demanded codeine.

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The pharmacist initially refused, but eventually gave in when Johnson threatened to kill her. Johnson left the pharmacy with the majority of the codeine and all the cash in the register.

The jury found Johnson guilty of Aggravated Robbery, a first degree felony. These priors made his minimum punishment range 25 years. Judge Angela Tucker assessed punishment at 40 years in prison. Home About the Office Meet the D.

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