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I've been watching reality dating shows for the last 19 years, and I've been dating for what feels like twice as long. And after another snoozy season of "The Bachelorette," I was starting to get a little, well, bored. And they've been put on an island with beautiful men to try and find it. Half of the contestants are nice guys. The other half are self-proclaimed "f--k boys" dubbed "FBoys" by the wise-cracking host, comedian Nikki Glaser who sent in casting tapes with strippers, proudly brag about their infidelities, and say things like "I'm going to d--k your girl down" without worrying what their moms will think. As CJ, Nakia, and Sarah get to know the men, they have to navigate whether they're falling for a good guy or a player.

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'fboy island' is an unpredictable, sexy, twist-filled good time

Verrryyyy small. Do the dive instructors date each other? Oh, yes. Do you date islanders? Where do you go on dates? Usually the bar or a restaurant — options are limited!

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Do you have flings with the tourists? Me — no; others — yes. Do couples end up married here? Yep, and some end up divorced too. Roatan and the lifestyle here has a way of making you forget about regular things like, oh, you know, the consequences of your actions.

The 3 d’s of dating on island

The life we have here as expats is usually not the same or as multi-faceted as it is back at home. And everyone else here has things like this too about them. I think this is one of the reasons that many people who get into relationships here end up breaking up once they leave. If you ever decide to go back home or elsewhere with someone you met on the rock in tow, you often find out that that person is not exactly who you thought they were on Roatan.

And that can be really disconcerting. There are three common types of dating conveniently, they all begin with D! This type of dating mostly refers to expats who come here and date islanders. Just like anywhere in the world, you should be careful not to label a culture in such dating polarizing way. Some of the locals you can date are wonderful people and some of them are shithe. There is kind of a different attitude here towards cheating … I know people in Canada and America cheat too, of course, but for the most part, they at least try to keep it under wraps.

People here do their cheating out in the open, loud and proud, in front of everyone. I do have several friends that live here guy committed relationships with islanders and no one is cheating and they are very happy yay! I have other oblivious friends who have been physically chased down by Island island women who found out her husband had a gringa girlfriend on the side.

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All I can say is, you really should do a thorough background check before proceeding in this department. The worst part about that here? It is a small island.

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Yes, everyone saw what you did last night at El Boske, and yes, they all saw your walk of shame this morning from behind the gas station. And guess what?

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Welcome to Awkward City. I have also seen island couples who seem to do nothing but drink together. Do you even KNOW each other sober? So weird to me. I think anyone who has been to a third world country has seen this one. Also, eeww. Roatan is a fun, strange, insular little place, and being in a relationship here can be either a minefield or an amazing playground to explore with someone.

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Have you beat the odds to find love or are you enjoying the island go-round? Then she came back a month later. Then she came back two months later. Then she came back and forgot to leave.

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She can now understand Spanish and speak island English like a local her parents are very proud. Follow her adventures and misadventures over on her blog, Cubicle Throwdown. Want to stay connected to the Land of Coconuts? We'll send you island mailfresh from the tropics each week. Yes, I'd like to stay posted on your island adventures! Get your Island Mail, fresh from the tropics each week! Once a week, we send you the latest posts, funniest rock life finds, and more.

We respect your inbox - you can change your delivery preferences anytime. Sorry, but someone had to say it. As for me? A lady never tells. Written By:. Current Rock of Residence: Roatan, Honduras. Island Girl Since: Originally Hails From: Saskatchewan, Canada. Want to posts by this writer?. Count Me In! Similar Posts You Might Like. Island Gossip I Love to Hate. The Art of Island Civility. Island Mama Siesta. Women Who Live On Rocks. Recent Posts:.

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