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He also promised o fuse to tell heir pupils the truth prevent former Nazis from "el- about flitter and lie Nazi era. Sl lumhia river died in i s swirling waters Friday at lhe Priest Rapids Dam site, some 50 miles south of here. Just how Clarence Sliaw, 52 Pasco, Wash. IVar If.

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in 7-Day Free Trial. All April 23, Newspaper Archives.

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Buy Print. When a fl rt is pally in love. The last way to ketch a fliit is tew-tavel the other way from widen they are going or sit down on the ground and whis Ie Borne lively tune till the flirt comes armied. Old bachelors made the flirts, and the flirts pet more than cvm, by making the old bachelors.

An old bachelor will brag about his freedom to you, his redi f from anxiety biz indepeiidunce. All his dreams are charcoal sketches of bearding-hens nip se?

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I had rn re sharp pain in one year than I hev had since, put it all in a heap. I wuz in a lively fever all the time. Thank im! I I do believe he day is pu«s.

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Situratethe articles to be washed in this potato water, and they can bn washed with soap without any running of the color. I have taken oil out of carpets saturated wit Ii this potato Witt r. Often the potato tauter c. In such cases without soap I take the grated potato itself Mild rub t ie goods with a fl mud rug. In woolen goods it is necessary to sir tin the water, else the particles will adhere, but this is not necessity in goods from which they can be well shaken. Farnv St aley died near ll don Rouge, 'bester county, on Saturday, ti e 9th instant.

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New York Post : A im del advertisement is deed to s. The sue essfu! It is said that gi g. The business will pix no re thin ten times ordinary wa ges. We furnish an expensive outfit and all that yon ne- I. Mi lr hi, v. Newton county, I. I hod it equally beneficial rn nil eas. I consider it a blessing in tnv family, livery oho should keep it in their houses.

AD A MS. Gas tor ll. It is less hub e to the attack Of i riels than wheat, ami ch s, r vus to bt a. I ti,;,- Mr llrvitiil I1W. Tlu-y u»v. Pn sooting the same subject in many forms, ii finally wins. Used iii this thorough un egg i«i boil. Spending is a science winch should he conducted I with system and method. The young wife I i,"1 mat ic way, the advertising c I- j who feels she has plenty or money at her umr,s 'f ,ie tfwapapers are as useful and command, and who g es on ordering what essential to the merchant, as a ni 'ans of is wante.

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Your- very lr ly. OCO members.

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Cases on hand of the best irmk. April The frontier battalion of'Texas now consists of five companies, numb, ring I 2 ' officers and melt.

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O Biller. Or wvvral years aa a Huck putch, j,'anlir,g h. It was pecoming so foul that I could get only hull ol a crop.

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I nils for the begin,ling. A thin] time I pl wed l. I wheat this season. But this is not all. I sowed this same acre in clover thD lust spring the first week in March, and by tile middle. Fort J thousand turkeys were shipp d from Bourbon county. Dip the tip of nails in grease an I they will lasily diive into hard wood.

They rt quire u Fe. All these crops make a practice of yeur'y culling. It made tin- nest perfect ami pmnanfnt ernes in every case. D miard, Kit Warren, Sam I. Killen, J. Warren, of-W.

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Malin, J. Ii"«tv It n-t'iri 'n. II m-'o i ciijnty fin. I mn personably acquainted with the proprietor.

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They nj. I,, I, iii high character and Htaliding. Adorns, i. Sold by Dr. Adams, Gastonia n. LeavwLMram W K. Leave Kus ward. A rrive at Gastonia 4; 14 a ut. A: Ticket AjRt.

ROA I. Leave Che. I bo defined iii words. I Dictionary of over Names. J a vi es Ma sen, Superintendent. The fi. Arrives from Atlanta 3.

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Arrives from Wilmington 7. On Indian Greek, four and a half mi'es west of.

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Lincolnton, and five miles from In a ry Ville. Lund cut up to suit pun lo-seis and Terms in ade easy. Apply to. I LM IM. Ho is putting up the nicest woik of the bes!

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Lincolnton N. May l,ly. Blacksmith Shop! The undered would respeetflilly intone the public tbut they have removed to J. Hope all will try us. TO C hal i, PuWliaher.