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Looking for sex clubs, sex parties, and sex events in Houston? Whether you are heading out tonight, or doing a really good job planning ahead for a future trip, we've created these guides as a way to make it easy and more reliable for you. It's only here, at XXXConnect. XXXConnect -- this is the only resource that has thoroughly researched and documented every sex club, sex party, and sex event in Houston.

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We haven't listed everything -- that's not what we're trying to do. We want to give you the best, most current information about what you can expect to find and how you should plan your trip. It's only the very best sex clubs and bath houses that have made the cut, and they're laid out in detail for you to make the most informed decision possible about it. We want to help you find the best sex club in Houston!

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Read on for a bit of history lesson first, or just jump ahead to the listings. Houston was founded in when the American government was colonizing the Texas region. As a rough, frontier-bound, working class population began to congregate there to develop the land, all their needs came along as well: alcohol, parlor games, and the sex trade.

By the time Houston was incorporated init already had some problems keeping the peace among its rough-and-tumble citizens and their wild ways. Over the next two decades, the city would start to regulate itself, and well-educated and wealthy German immigrants began to arrive. These immigrants set up farms and businesses and created a merchant class that had its own needs too.

By the late 19th century, Houston was full of public brothels -- parlor houses for the wealthy, and bawdy houses for the working lounge. In the early s, Houston was officially booming, and within the first two decades, more than a dozen oil companies would establish a presence there, leading to a massive influx of young workers. After a hard day of drilling and pumping out in the oil fields, many of these workers just wanted to, well, drill and pump at a brothel or club in their spare time.

Texas has always been a place that is both deeply moral and deeply permissive, and sex and leisure ts grew steadily in Houston throughout the 20th century. That is, right until the end: inthe city introduced very strict Texas regulating the operation of sex clubs. It included everything from where clubs could be located, to how much contact was allowed, to what sort of lighting was permitted.

In recent years, the city has struck a more even-handed approach, Houston some regulations for some of free more established venues. You'll find many of those on our list, as well as a few places that provide a truly special experience sex those who go seeking it!

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Looking for a great sex party, sex club, or sex event in Houston is not hard, but you might want to aim for something in between Thursday and Saturday, because that's when you'll have the most options. The Mystery Zone, Houston's best known swingers club, is open everyday of the week, so you've always got that as an option.

There are also some active online party networks that you can take part in, and they have many events all the time, which adds to your flexibility. We've included those with our reviews below as well, for your convenience. Workdays bring in downtown guys for quickies, weekends bring the warriors. XXXConnect is the best place on the net for free advice on sex and dating. Still on the prowl for a kinky, dirty, exciting sex club, sex party, sex event, sex venue, or gay sauna or bath house in the amazing Houston?

Yelp has reviewed a few of them just for YOU. Toggle. The Mystery Zone. The Pendulum Club. Collette Houston. Fifty Shades Club. Desires Houston. Wish's Club. Desirous Party.

Houston sex clubs

Choices 2. Club Houston.

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H Bath House. Houston Sex Clubs.

Houston Sex Clubs: Directory. The Mystery Zone Type. Brief Description. Whether you're the kind of person who wants something out of the ordinary, or just don't quite know what you're looking for, you'll probably find something you like at The Mystery Zone.

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Although it's a bit outside of downtown, it's probably the busiest sex club in the city. Any local will tell you that The Mystery Zone is the most reliable spot to go on for a wild adventure or to get down in whatever way you want to. Membership is required for entry, but there are several options, including affordable temporary passes for visitors and tourists.

A spacious lounge area, with comfy seating and tasteful erotic artwork on the walls, sets a great tone for casual socializing. Once you feel things start to heat up, there are several VIP room options to move onto from the lounge. The membership costs are a little higher than some of the other options in Houston, but there's no question that The Mystery Zone delivers an unparalleled experience in terms of luxury and comfort.

There's no wonder it's got a reputation with serious freaks and lovers from all over Texas. The Pendulum Club Type. If you like having a little dressup inspiration — whether it's colour themes, kinky wear or masquerade ball vibes, The Pendulum Club definitely has the right night for you somewhere on their events calendar. This club is newer to Houston and growing fast, and has the distinction of being the only sex club in the city that's owned and operated by women.

That's right: this place is extra friendly and welcoming toward women and their interests, and it's gotten a lot of positive word-of-mouth for it. Colored bracelets are another cool feature of The Pendulum Club. The color lets everyone know what you're interested in, and helps you meet up with someone who's looking for the same.

Collette Houston Type. Colette is a well-known chain of adult entertainment clubs in Texas, and the Houston location is its newest and most intimate. Your spring break beachwear is not going to cut it at this place: it's got a classy dress code and cool modern environment. The dance floor is slamming three nights a week, there's a movie theatre, a chill-out lounge, and a bunch of VIP rooms and group areas to choose from. Locals especially love Throwback Thursdays at Colette, a tribute to all things retro that'll make you want to dust off your old VHS collection.

Fifty Shades Club Type. True to the series of novels it's named after, Fifty Shades Club provides an air of privacy and mystery, in an upscale "house party" environment. Located in Houston's trendy Galleria district, Fifty Shades Club is the kind of place where you'd absolutely meet a real-life Christian Grey.

It's classy and sophisticated, but they'll also take very good care of you if you're new to the club world or just easing into things.

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And if you're an aspiring Christian Grey yourself, you might be out of luck: this place is only for couples and single women. Desires Houston Type.

The best houston sex clubs & sex events - xxxconnect

If you want a place with the most chill staff and the most devoted locals, it might be Desires. A small, intimate room is perfectly set up for socializing, group play or meeting up for some action in an unnoticed corner. They're not as upscale as some of the other clubs we've mentioned, but they really know what they're doing and they do it well, which is probably why they've got the reputation they do among horny club-goers from all the nearby counties. Wish's Club Type. If you love karaoke, Wish's might be the top spot in Houston for you — and karaoke is just one of several different regular events at this cool club that's been one of Houston's best kept secrets ever since it opened.

The super retro decor and eclectic mix of tunes gives this place a real good-times vibe. It feels both intimate and open to everybody. You can tell a place is good when it's got long-time regulars, and one of the first things you'll notice at Wish's is how many people know each other's names already.

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It almost as if you're hanging out at Cheer's, but everyone's getting it on. Desirous Party Type. If you are looking to meet up, and get down with, a wide-range of people from Houston's nightlife elite, you're going to want to plug into the Desirous Party network. Members get invitations to private parties and themed events at different locations across the cities. Desirous Party events are all-out glitzy parties where things are guaranteed to get wild on a massive scale. They've been ruling New Year's Eve for more than a generation in Houston, although they've got plenty going on year-round for whenever you're in town.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, a spectator or an exhibitionist, you'll never forget the time you went to a Desirous Party. Choices isn't trying to cater to anyone's elitist side, but it's one of the more friendly and accessible places you'll find in Houston. You're likely to find hard-hitting beats all night on the lower level dance floor, and a more eclectic mix upstairs.

There are couches and play areas off the side of the dance floors on both levels. If you're the type who likes to go all night, Choices might be your best bet. A lot of Houston's sex clubs close around 2 am. At Choices, that's when things really get going.