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Urgent care centers have doctors and offices capable of caring for most non life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Retail clinics are inside stores and pharmacies and care for minor illnesses and immunizations only. Primary care offices occasionally offer walk-in appointments for established patients. Clock Created with Sketch.

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Show All Answers. Contact Code Enforcement ator submit to sbrady cityofpilotpoint. The Comprehensive Plan reflects the vision of what the citizens of Pilot Point want their community to be and how it should be achieved. Yes, but a permit is still required.

Homeowners may obtain permits only when the property is owner occupied and is registered as a homestead property. You can pick up a vendor packet at City Hall or you can find the packet online at www. If you would like to request a court date to either contest your citation or speak to the Judge about your options, you may either come in person to the court window during business hours and a Promise to Appear or put your request in writing and mail or it to the court address and address of the court listed below.

Written requests must include a good contact phone and current mailing address. When your request has been processed, the Clerk will send you notice of your court date and time by mail.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that the Court has received your notification. If you wish to enter a plea of No Contest or Guilty and pay the total balance of the fine on your citation, you have the following options:. Come in person to the court window at City Hall during business hours. The clerk can give you a plea sheet to complete and accept your payment.

Enter a plea by mail and send payment for the total balance.

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You must submit a written plea for each violation on your citation. You can call the court to obtain information on your fine amounts. Pleas and payments can be mailed to the address below:. Click the link below:. If your plea and payment are not received by the court on or before your appearance date, additional fines and fees may be added to your balance.

Additionally, failure to appear may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you cannot pay your fine in full, the court may have options for you. Please contact the Clerk at if you have questions about making payment arrangements. You must come in person to the court window during business hours with a government issued ID and complete all necessary paperwork. Payment Plans can be set up with payments due Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly and the Clerk will speak with you about how long you have to pay the balance in full.

Please note that if you require more than 30 days to pay the balance in full, the state requires a time payment fee be added to your balance. The Clerk will let you know if your payment schedule will result in a time payment fee being added to your case and how much that fee will be.

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Due to the time involved in completing the paperwork and setting up your payment plan, the Court requests that you arrive no later than pm. There are a of offenses that can be dismissed however, some conditions apply. Please reference compliance dismissals or contact the Court at if you have any questions.

However, you will lose that right if you do not appear in person, or provide written notice to the Court on or before your appearance date the date in the lower section of your citation. If your appearance date passes without an appearance by you, either in person or in writing, the fine amount on your citation may increase for failure to appear.

You are required to pay the required state costs in full at the time of your request. Do not take the driver safety course until you have received permission from the court. You may request to be placed on a Deferred Disposition if you would like to keep a violation from going on your driving record. If all requirements are met, the Court will consider the request and make the decision if it will be granted.

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The case will be dismissed as long as all requirements are met within the time frame set forth by the Judge. To apply, either come in person to the court window during business hours and complete the form provided to you by the Clerk or mail the Deferred Application with a copy of your Drivers and valid Insurance Card. Learn more about municipal court payment options on the Pay Ticket or Fine for more information and a link to the online payment option. Dial to reach Denton County Dispatch, once connected press 9 to reach a dispatcher.

Yes, we can establish new service as long as we receive proper documentation and payment before PM. There must be someone at the residence between PM and PM. You will need to fill out a Request for Disconnect Form. For further disconnect information please see Discontinuing Service. All change requests must be submitted in writing by the primary contact to Utility Billing.

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If you are experiencing a water emergency, please call You will be connected with the person on-call from Public Works. Please refer to the complete list of guidelines for trash and recycling pickup. Addresses on Main St. Addresses south of Main St. Bulk trash service is provided on the first and third Saturday of the month. All items must be out by AM. It is not necessary to schedule a pick up. In. Home FAQs.

Show All Answers 1. Do I have to be a United States Citizen to vote? Yes, you must be a United States citizen to qualify as a voter. How do I report a code violation? When is a permit required? A permit is required for all structural work being done on a property or to a structure.

What is the Comprehensive Plan and what does it do? If I am a homeowner, may I do my own work? Does the Library have WiFi? Yes, the Library does have Wifi. Does the Library offer Notary services?

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Yes, the Library offers basic notary services in both English and Spanish. Where can I up to be a vendor for Bonnie and Clyde Days? How do I request a Court date? If you wish to enter a plea of No Contest or Guilty and pay the total balance of the fine on your citation, you have the following options: 1.

Can I make payment arrangements? Is my ticket administratively dismissible? How do I apply for Driver's Safety?

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When making your request in person or by mail you will need to: Enter a plea of either no contest or guilty and waive your right to a jury trial or complete and return notarized Drivers Safety Application. The Clerk can provide you with the correct form to complete if you are making your request in person at the court window. Contact for amount 7.

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How do I apply for Deferred Disposition? Have a Commercial Drivers. An offense in a construction zone when workers are present.

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Speeding in excess of 25 mph over the posted limit. Requirements for Deferred Disposition include: The Defendant will be placed on probation for a set period of time to be determined by the Judge. Complete and return of the required paperwork by the due date.