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In this Moving to Olympia Guide we will cover the Olympia culture, art and music scene, economy, crime rates, school system, housing market, weather, historical information, and popular Olympia attractions. Scroll down to the section you are looking for or read the whole thing! Between andOlympia has nearly doubled its population. Olympia is one of the most attractive capital cities in the United States. While there is heavy industry to the north toward Tacoma, Olympia is a clean, mid-sized capital city with a distinctively Pacific Northwest small-town feel. Excellent city amenities and services are available in Seattle, although traffic can make the drive challenging.

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Moving to a different place can be life-changing. Certainly, it takes a whole lot of consideration and careful planning to get the BEST place to call home. Because it is a setting of many recreational parks, public trails and tourist attractions that both residents and travelers to enjoy.

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Olympia Washington is also run by a very stable and healthy economy. A city supported by t he state government that experiences the bene fits of a stable workforce and a great environment for businesses to thrive.

Olympia is the largest city of the Thurston County with a total area of It is the county seat of Puget Sound where it can be found on the southern end of it. Similarly, how the Greeks have its own sanctuary of the mighty Zeus, Washington also has its own Olympia. Olympia Washington is located It can be traveled usually at 61 miles 1 hour 4 mins by car and faster by plane at 48 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The city can living be reached at any rate through public transportations like buses and trains from transit stations of Lacey, Seattle, Olympia Tacoma.

Just hold on to your seat belts and be prepared to be amazed by the city lights and attractions along the way. Thus, Oly can never be left out by its neighboring towns! The City of Olympia is likewise a home of diverse people and culture because the state government invests in community-related programs that cater to the needs of its people. Indeed, its mighty sustainability makes Olympia Washington an ideal place to live in. If you are looking for cool neighbors at home and free-spirited passersby on the streets then you may find them here in Olympia.

Dating people of age, sexual preferences, and race live in peace while being proud of who they really are. Olympia Washington has roughly over 51, residents as of early according to the World Population Review. It ranked 24th on the list of the most populous city in Washington with Seattle being on the top. So you might want to consider Olympia if uncrowded streets are your priority. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the area, we highly recommend Greene Realty Group.

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Here are the reasons why you should consider Olympia Washington when it comes to people and culture:. Olympia shelters majorities, in particular, of White, Asian, African Americans, and other races.

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Second, the government of Olympia Washington not only focuses on race and ethnicities but also on sexual orientation. The city has an open door for anyone and raising that rainbow flag with pride. Olympia Washington embraces people of color whether inside or out.

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And this is through supporting different community organizations that promote individuality, diversification, and equality. So if you belong to the people with color, Asians, Hispanics or one of the letters in the LGBTQ community, then you are welcome to live and breathe in the City of Olympia.

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Last and equally important, Liberalism and Democracy. Olympia practices the liberal culture. You can walk and wear your own statements outside the streets. Even protest your own right to fight for your advocacies. Olympia Washington is an open mic to every people to speak and the government to hear. Be an Olympian and live the Olympian way! Do you have a mind of a window shopper or better yet an entrepreneur? Well, say hello to the busy downtowns and business streets of Olympia.

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Granted that the city has a healthy economy, you can find better jobs or build your own business empire. It has an unemployment rate of 4. In fact, The unemployment rate of the city decreases overtime thus, giving more sustainable livelihood to more people. Olympia Washington has a cost of living cheaper than that of its neighboring cities like Tacoma and Seattle.

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So you can maintain and afford your own lifestyle. Downtown Olympia is the centerpiece of the town offering a variety of eclectic shopping and dining options.

And a thriving auto mall with several dealerships all located near one central location. Now moving away from the uptown, the agriculture, and fishing industries are also flourishing in Olympia Washington.

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Farmers most work on the Westside of Olympia. Visit a variety of vendors including crafts, farms with fresh organic produce and fruits, meats, fresh seafood, fresh cut flowers, and live entertainment. Olympia Washington has a very engaged and educated community that is taken care of by a well-supported education system. So no need to worry about where you want to send your kids for school. Here is the list of schools you can choose from:. Olympia has light winters and beautiful warm summers that offer the full experience of the Pacific Northwest.

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It gets an average of 48 inches of rain and 8 inches of snow per year. It is not always rainy in Olympia just because it is near a body of water.

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Olympia Washington also experiences summer days and it usually during July at around 76 degrees. It has about sunny days all year round. But if you are looking for a colder climate, Olympia likewise gets rain, snow, and hail. Nothing is more comfortable than living in a place where you can get a good night sleep. The City government of Olympia truly makes sure that public safety is the main priority.

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And this is through partnering with different organizations and launching effective community programs. Above all, the government and the residents work together to make the city a safer place to live in. The Olympia Police Department certainly does its best to provide excellent and reliable services to the people of the city.

They implement various programs accordingly to maintain peace and order within the residential and commercial area in Olympia.

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The programs include volunteerism work in order to encourage the members of the community to get involved in keeping the neighborhood safe. These are some of the programs implemented by the Police Department that you may want to know:. What better way to promote safety than starting your own crime watch in your neighborhood?

Block Watch is one of the crime prevention programs of the government that specifically aims to reduce crime rates, to develop better neighborhood security and to increase crime trend awareness. Neighbors can work together and carry their own block watch with no more than homes. This can not only raise security awareness and prevent crimes but also it can be a way to get to know more about your neighbors.

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It is also safer in the streets of Olympia not only from street offenders but also raging public and private vehicles that may be dangerous to people on the streets. The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program is also one of the volunteerism work headed by the city hence to promote public awareness of traffic safety.

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Volunteers are trained to properly use the device for knowing speed, data report and collection, and proper behavior during the watch. The Olympia Police Department encourages residents to acquire and register an alarm system with the city. And this is implemented for better and immediate response from the department in case a verified emergency arrives.

The Olympia Fire Department OFD deals heavily with safety measures to prevent fire occurrence in the residential area.

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It has its own 8 acre complex as a Fire Training Center for developing better firefighters. This ordinance requires all types of residential properties to have their own fire sprinklers. The Olympia Fire Department also offers free blood pressure check-ups at all fire stations on weekdays from 7am to 9pm. With all the hate and discriminations around the world, Olympia makes sure to let all members of the community feel safe.

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The city partnered with local residents, businesses and organizations for the implementation of the program. The most exciting part of living in Olympia Washington is getting around the city. There are many attractions, not only for tourists but also to residents, that the city has to offer.