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How did bargain block hosts evan thomas and keith bynum meet?

According to HGTV 's official press release for the show, "Bargain Block" stars Keith Bynum, the deer, and Evan Thomas, the carpenter, who aim to restore Detroit's neighborhoods " one house at a time " by buying "run-down and abandoned properties and [transforming] them into affordable, stylish starter homes for first-time homebuyers. There are a few things that make this show stand out from other home renovation series. First of all, Bynum and Thomas do almost all of the work themselves, just one factor which keeps their costs down — the other being their use of low-cost materials, second-hand items, and lots of DIY.

Secondly, each home the team renovates is truly unique with its own theme.

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And last, but certainly not least, the duo actually lives in each home they renovate; when they finish one, they move to the next. It turns out that there's a lot to learn about the show and its stars, which also include Detroit real estate agent Shea Hicks-Whitfield.

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If you're like us, when you watch a new HGTV show you want to know all about its hosts. And, when the series' stars are roughly the same age, you may wonder if they're a couple.

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As noted by PrideSourcethe two met via online dating site Match. Though it's unclear whether they are married or not, the couple does not appear to have any children — except, that is, for their dog, Belle.

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While you might think that both living and working with your ificant other could present a problem, for this pair the arrangement has actually been good for their relationship. So, where are they from, and how did they find themselves in this city? They were each living in Colorado, where Thomas was attending graduate school, when they met and later partnered together in renovating homes.

However, Bynum decided to look into other markets that would be better-suited for their business, as he told EstateEnvy.

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Detroit, Michigan first landed on Bynum's radar after hearing that a friend of his "had a good amount of success" flipping houses there. Additionally, the city's "really cool energy" and art scene appealed to him. So, after a bit of "convincing," Thomas agreed to his partner and venture out to this new city.

Not only is Thomas super smart, he's also super modest. In an interview with EstateEnvyhe shared only that he has "a degree in physics. Obviously, we know which path Thomas followed. However, he still puts his physics degree to good use in his current work. The artist's bio on his website with partner Evan Thomas reveals that Bynum started his first business at only 14 years old — and that this business "went on to become a nationally recognized retail and manufacturing chain.

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However, although Bynum's business skills are keen, he couldn't quite let go of the creator in him. After selling his successful business, he began doing carpentry and woodworking and selling his work online. What a way to combine both his passions for business and de!

It's all about connections, not coincidences, however. Bynum's experience on "Tiny Paradise" "exposed [him] to a few production companies that followed [his] work for the next few years," his partner, Thomas explained to PrideSource.

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Though the two weren't initially certain about doing television, ultimately they were convinced. HGTV wanted the production team to produce a pilot in and then ordered an entire season of "Bargain Block.

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Launching their business in a new city, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas had no idea how they would be received by the Detroit, Michigan community. Soon after they arrived, however, they realized they had little to worry about — the neighbors were grateful for their support in helping revitalize their community.

This reference is a nod to the duo's experience renovating homes in Denver, Colorado. There, "construction was looked at as a nuisance," Bynum told The Detroit News. From Bynum's Instagramit's clear the pair has gained fans outside of Detroit as well, with one user commenting, "What a great series!

Different styles and not just the same style for every house. There are quite a few things about "Bargain Block" that make it stand out from other home renovation shows. But it's hard to ignore the fact that the finished homes we see on "Bargain Block" are not the usual cookie-cutter looks we typically find. Not that there's anything wrong with that — while it's important that the properties' des appeal to the masses, it's refreshing to find renovated homes that feel fully customized.

At the end of each "Bargain Block" episode, prospective homebuyers tour fully-customized homes that feature a unique theme. And these homes are not just staged; the furniture and decor you see is included in the price of the house. This includes items like retro pieces and decorative items from the guys, themselves, as well as custom art pieces that deer Keith Bynum incorporates in each home via PrideSource.

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It's the most fun putting them back together and seeing renewed life in the house and the neighborhood. We all have watched episodes of HGTV shows where we admire the des but know we could never afford such a place ourselves. However, the "Bargain Block" team renovates and des their properties with a specific audience in mind: first-time homebuyers. Detroit, Michigan-based real estate agent Shea Hicks-Whitfield, who was born and raised in the city, is the perfect partner for the guys who are Detroit newbies.

She brought us an amazing amount of people to help build this business. Hicks-Whitfield loves what the guys are doing for these neighborhoods and the opportunities it presents to homebuyers. This presented Bynum and Thomas the perfect opportunity for their business, with the two mapping out a plan. Since the start, the pair has flipped approximately 25 homes in Detroit, Michigan, most of them situated in two Northwest Detroit neighborhoods — and the guys are nowhere near finished yet.

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Their business philosophy is centered on their passion for "elevated, affordable style. Though the team's primary focus is on renovating and selling homes in their target neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan, a section of their website is devoted to deing for clients. They encourage homeowners to contact them for a de consultation to learn how the team can "create a home that fits your lifestyle.

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In MayBynum shared with his Instagram followers an exciting new business development: He finally has a warehouse to store all of his creations. On "Bargain Block," Keith Bynum has created some really unique art pieces for the homes he and his partner, Evan Thomas, renovate in Detroit, Michigan. Well, if you love Bynum's creations, it turns out that you can actually have them for yourself. From wall hangings to side tables to paintings, you're sure to find a piece that suits your style.

Not only that, but it also looks like the store offers handmade pieces from other artists as well. And, yes, that's the same Shea who appears alongside the guys on "Bargain Block.

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We know from watching "Bargain Block" that artist and deer Keith Bynum will sometimes get a little carried away with his ideas like the animal-print painted dining room wall featured in one episode, remember that? Although Detroit, Michigan real estate expert Shea Hicks-Whitfield loves the craftsmanship that Bynum and partner Evan Thomas bring to each property, she sometimes has to keep them in check. It seems that Hicks-Whitfield, a Detroit native, is the guys' perfect partner. With their business and new TV series at a standstill, what did the guys do to "stay afloat"? They switched to restoring old campers for the time being.

Later, when filming d, they even put their newfound skills to good use for the show: On an episode that aired in May titled "Farmhouse and Schoolhouse," Bynum and Thomas worked on a property that came with an unexpected surprise in the backyard: an old camper. Though some flippers would see this as a negative, the "Bargain Block" team saw it as an added "perk" — a possible guesthouse or on-site rental apartment.

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In one house they remodeled, for instance, they found a family of squirrels making the attic their home. In the beginning, Bynum told Thomas that living in the houses they renovate wouldn't be that bad. However, when the two arrived, they realized that wasn't quite the case.

And in that grease were roach bodies. All this aside, with all the time the duo spends in the houses they renovate, Bynum confessed that he tends to become attached to the properties. Fortunately, for this HGTV pair, viewers seem to believe in them as well.

How did bargain block's keith bynum and evan thomas end up in detroit?

And we, personally, can't wait to see what they do next! You can call this Bargain Block star "Doctor" Instagram. This Bargain Block host is a serial entrepreneur Instagram. The Bargain Block cast and crew received a warm welcome from the Detroit community Instagram. The Bargain Block team renovates homes that first-time homebuyers can afford Instagram. This is how the Bargain Block duo purchase homes at such low prices Facebook.

This is how you can purchase original furniture and art from the Bargain Block duo Facebook. The Bargain Block guys don't let obstacles stand in their way Instagram. The Bargain Block guys reveal what living in the homes they rehab is really like Instagram.