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When I moved to Phoenix almost two years ago, my first goal was to meet someone I could relate to, someone who looks like me: a black woman. I moved here by myself and had a lot of questions: I needed to know where to get products for my hair, who has the best soul food in the Valley, and where I can dance to trap music on a Friday night. I was moving from Atlanta, the nation's black mecca, to a much whiter city. But I was confident I could quickly find my own slice of home here. I was excited to feel a dry heat and slightly afraid of seeing a haboob.

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The royal wedding between Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle got me thinking about interracial relationships!

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Much of the media coverage on their relationship has focused on the fact that Markle is biracial. Her father is white and her mother is Black. Of course, PhxSoul. They want you to be 6 foot, 2 inches tall, with an athletic build, making a six-figure salary and completely faithful. Too much attitude.

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However, statistics from the U. The U. Census Bureau report shows that only 9. Additionally, only 18 percent of unmarried, opposite-sex partner households in our state involved an interracial relationship. Furthermore, The report does not detail the specific racial makeup of those couples. Croix of the U. Virgin Islands.

I met her in Arizona back in at a house party in Chandler. We have a big local circle of married friends and 95 percent of them are Black couples. Just move on. You can find what you want, you just have to be patient and keep your eyes, minds and hearts open to the possibilities.

I have only been here for a very short time and Black folks here are very cold and suspicious. Maybe they have cause but if we unify we can maximize. Love will win.

We are a strong proud good looking people that need to come together and support one another because we know better. So the irony is that their negativity makes them made for each other but also keeps them from getting together. First off kinda off topic but I think this website is dope as fuck. My recommendation is to bring your own company and enjoy the experience together bro. I know exactly what you are looking for and you may want to make a stop in Atlanta, DC.

The west is a different vibe. I agree Jab. If what he is looking for is an upwardly mobile black women. He might want to stop in Atlanta or DC and bring her here. This was the case with my friend before she left. She felt that women of other races are held to lower standards.

I saw this with my own eyes when we went out to a bar. IDK what to tell her.

Eventually, she shut people out altogether, packed her crap and moved to NC. I disagree. I think if people just open their eyes they will see that there are black people from the west coast that are trying to make things happen here in Arizona as well. There are a lot of shallow people out her that are just not not realistic when it comes to finding a mate. As for me I know who I am.

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I also know what I bring to the table and if a man is not willing to find that out then deuces. Anyway, I hope you find what your looking for. Thanks for the statistics. People date who they want. I personally would skip Phoenix. Phoenix is Phoenix. There is hope…in other states.

Well Christina, you have to look at years of slavery has done to the Black Men. So the Black man marries or date want his punishment calls for and not his current condition. If he marries a woman of wealth, then the wealth returns to her white family, dumb as hell, this is what slavery done to him and now.

I a 62year old female. I relocated to Phoenix initially to care for my ailing sister. I reluctantly decided to stay here for a change of climate. I was raised to smile and say hello, to offer a hand when you can.

My encounters here are cold stares IF they acknowledge once we make eye contact. The men are mostly in interracial relationships. I will not let Phoenix change me. This is a fact.

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I know some one is not from here if they make eye contact and speak. Regardless of age this is something that most black people get in their respective communities.

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Not the case in AZ. I think that is an awesome thing I mean it does give women my age of 54 fan opportunity to meet eligible black men in Phoenix. Unfortunately I have not seen many black men here who are not with other nationalities and it is very disturbing. One of the things that makes me want to go back to Tennessee Where I know black men appreciate beautiful strong black educated women. Considering relocating to Phoenix from CT, in need of a change of pace. I understand the male female dynamic is questionable, but what about sisterhoods?

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Are women receptive to each other? What part of CT are you from? I am a black male from CT looking to move to AZ. Please reach out. I have so many questions.

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I am the same age as well. There beautiful loving and very sexy. Plan on meeting the right woman and getting married. I hope soon. Its safe to say im leaving dc with much apprehension, however the change is necessary. Nothing in life is that hard! Everything that you see on this thread is TRUE. Simple protocol like a hey, head nod, what up or basic eye contact are non-existent. Furthermore, people here, the media ect. Yes, we are scattered across Arizona.

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When I first moved here, talk about culture shock! I moved from N. Whenever, I see my sistahs and brothers, I always smile at, head nod, make eye contact or just say hello. I was in the supermarket one day and walked past a black couple in the aisle. I said hello.

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The gentleman said hi, how you doing. The woman looked at me and did not say one word. I walked to the next aisle thinking, that was awkward. I left the supermarket and stopped at the gas station and ran into the same couple.