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Frequently checking your mailbox for a coveted federal stimulus check? Frustrated with how long the process is taking? Angered by the ambiguity as to when payments will be made?

Then you may be experiencing some of the problems plaguing your favorite bartender, local entertainer or small-business owner as thousands of Nevadans struggle with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation DETR for economic relief. The of Nevadans without a job at one time during the pandemic —— may seem incomprehensible, but the devastating effects on the community were distinct.

Those seeking aid in DETR had as much luck as someone trying to find a tourist, a generous slot machine or an open restaurant on the Strip. Numerous stories of DETR website crashes, full days waiting on the phone for assistance, and the inability to receive unemployment insurance money flooded the nightly news. Issues with DETR were frequently featured in the press, but efforts to fix the broken system seemed like stopgap measures at best.

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A void of confusion, frustration and hopelessness ensued for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans unable to file a claim or receive benefits from UI or PUA. Unfortunately, these once-in-a-lifetime problems are still a current issue. Since the beginning ofconcerns regarding fraudulent claims and unraveling the massive amount of backlogged UI and PUA claims remains a pertinent problem.

Recent news stories indicate that some DETR issues may require a decadelong solution.

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As of Marchthere wereunemployed Nevadans, with many more seeking to secure unpaid benefits from How can we start the conversation on revolutionizing DETR? Looking toward other states with better unemployment insurance filing systems may hold the answer. For instance, Massachusetts is ranked as the best state for unemployment benefits, and it is easy to understand why.

Nevada’s broken unemployment system must be fixed — now

Turnaround time on most continued claims is two days. Multiple phone s for specific departments are listed to facilitate the process.

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Moreover, Hawaii also has an exceptional unemployment insurance filing system. Hawaii and Nevada have similar labor markets and experienced a high influx of claimants throughout the pandemic.

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Yet the differences in the unemployment systems are drastic, illuminating the many shortfalls of DETR. There is no reason why DETR should be so inefficient.

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The painstaking process has caused grief among hundreds of thousands of Nevadans. How can Nevada accomplish this daunting task? Specifically, accessibility is an immediate threat to unemployed Nevadans.

Those who lack secure broadband access to reach the website at specific times of the day or do not have cellphones to call the helpline are ificantly disadvantaged. The system is not deed for low-income workers, who are most likely to not have sufficient technology to access DETR.

Notably, the unemployment filing system denies hard-earned, well-deserved benefits to those Nevadans most in need. Additionally, many potential long-term solutions could modernize the unemployment insurance program.

The 81st session of the Legislature has illuminated interesting proposals, including Senate Billwhich would require DETR to establish a work-sharing program that pays employees less than their average earnings in time of recession instead of laying workers off. While these prospective plans are worth considering, action must be taken now to fix the system.

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Stimulus checks are on the minds of most Nevadans, but the broken unemployment system should be of utmost concern to the governor and legislators. ARP presents a unique opportunity to rectify this problem. View more of the Sun's opinion section Editorials - the Sun's viewpoint Columnists - local and syndicated writers Letters to the editor - readers' views Write a letter to the editor.