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About Flirting with Burlesque Beginners Welcome! This class has a focus on women's experience in their bodies, but all genders are welcome if they intend to participate fully and with respect for each other. No observers. Learn sexy burlesque moves including bumps, grinds and shimmies! This class introduces the basic principles of burlesque movement in a fun, beginner-friendly environment. Our focus is on confidence, coordination, and feeling sexy in your body!

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The Kim Yarson band has been together for 5 years playing covers and originals in all Genres. Kim is a prolific award winning songwriter with 4 original albums and songs in Film and TV. Link to this profile:. to BandMix. Username or E-mail Address Forgot Password? Heart of a Hero Final The Heart of a Hero beats two to one, a hero may not even know who they are they just act in the moment selflessly and courageously.

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This is a tribute to all the silent heros around the world. A song about being away from home and knowing there is always a place to come back too where you feel loved and safe. When you travel the world, you always know home is waiting for you and you can't wait to go back.

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You say you are going to change but you never do and I can't take it anymore. I won't fake it or continue to pretend in this relationship. The flame is dying both in our relationship and in bedroom and its time I move on. Big Girl Pants Female mid-tempo Power Pop song with empowering message of getting over a relationship and being strong. I'm putting on my big girl pants going to get over you and hang out with my girlfriends. I'm gonna have a party and throw confetti and move on. Great Escape Funk Guitars, drums, bass, Organ, female mid tempo.

I"m letting go of stress of work and life and hopping in my car and getting out of this town. Gonna zone out and turn up the radio and make my great escape.

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It's time to change it up and make my move and get away for a while and find some peace. Energetic Roses instrumental cue, soft rock, uplifting, hopeful, moving forward, optimistic. Uke, B3, Tuba, claps, drums, deep electronic bass, tambourine and shakers.

Reggae slower version of this song also available. If you feel the same, then we can be more then friends. I can't wait to see you again so I can ask you to be my happy ending. I found my mojo when I found you and I've got my swagger and energy. Drunk On Christmas Uptempo, male, Christmas song, Country: slide guitar, piano, guitars, bass, drums.

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Singer is acting drunk but is drunk on Christmas cheer and really into the season. Contact: Kim Yarson kyarson comcast. I Believe in You with percussion Encouraging song about believing in someone and telling them to never give up as they have a gift.

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This track is available without percussion for a more intimate instrumentation. Erase You sayonara We had a great time but you cheated for the last time so I'm going to Erase you from my history. You are so gone from my life. Sounds like Demi Lovato and Jess Glynn. Poison Ivy Kiss Slow Slow jazz song. Love and lust.

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Crickets You and Me Two lovers are Trenton by distance and thinking of each other. Girls Gone Wild Short I am all dressed up and ready to go out for a great teasing of fun with my girls. We are going to go wild, dance all night and party. Just a girls Night out and no men involved until the sun comes up.

There is a fade out version of this song as well as this ending. Girls Gone Wild Instr short I am all dressed up and ready flirting go out for a great night of fun with my girls. Blacktop Lullaby male Song about going on the road and loving the drive. This song also has a female vocal available upon request. Female vocal uptempo. Poison Ivy Kiss Oh your poison ivy kiss is like venom to my veins, hemlock to my brain and I can't resist it. Even though you are bad for me you are so good and I want to walk in your woods. Sexy, seductive, forbidden.

This is going to be one awesome viewing party. Spank Me Santa Request for this Track. Oh Santa I need some discipline cause I've been bad tonight. Please don't be mad at me and I deserve this spanking. I know I'm a tease and my behavior is what has gotten me on the naughty list. Very funny, fun, seductive song.

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Seducing Santa has never been more fun! Kiss My Dust Request for this Track. Oh I love my truck so don't you stare at me and flirt with your little SUV cause you ain't a match for me. You can kiss my dust cause I'll burn by you and real women drive trucks.

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A Little Vacay Request for this Track. I need a little vacay and time to relax and get my zen on. Stress has been building up like a volcano and I ain't getting anything done. I need fun and play and to kickback and relax.

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I am all dressed up and ready to go out for a great night of fun with my girls. An Irishman pours out his sorrows at a bar over some whiskey but it just ain't workin no more. Undefined Request for this Track.

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I won't be put in a box or defined cause I will escape this label. I am a one of a kind and I"ll paint outside the lines. I'm untamed and free and better off being just who I am-undefinable. I Hate Christmas Request for this Track. Here is a song about hating the commercialism of Christmas. Unwrapping gifts now boring cause all gift cards, shopping is now online, gain weight from pies, refusing to kiss under mistletoe, family overstaying. I hate Christmastime funny and sarcastic. Sounds like Beastie Boys musically. Ride the Rapids a Blues Country uptempo fun song about going to extremes for love.

Get on Up is a uptempo Funk Rock encouragement song about going out and living your dream and doing it. Here are three songs to show my diversity as a write. Lastly a pirate song written for future pirate movies. Happiness is Mine Now Request for this Track. Limbo is Pop Electronic sounds like the band Lights, Lastly a pirate song written for future pirate movies.

Limbo Request for this Track. Pirate Yoho1 Request for this Track.

Song has a very indie pop feel and mood is one of revenge, fear, crime. When you are staring down a barrel of a gun so many emotions going through your mind and you want to live. Synth, bass, drums, female vocal.

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Own masters, WAV, have instrumentals, stems at ready. Beautiful Night Request for this Track.

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Beautiful Night paints a romantic couple falling in love with unique imagery that draws you in to a beautiful end to the couple's evening. Kyarson comcast. Instrumentals and WAV avail upon request. Im Just Sayin' Request for this Track.